Welcome to SAAS Missions

SAAS Missions (Science and Agriculture Applications In Space) is a completely undergraduate student led research group based at University New South Wales. Founded in 2018, SAAS Missions currently has two active missions and one in development.
With global and Australian based sponsors, supporters and partners, SAAS Missions is underway to sending its first agricultural payload to the International Space Station in 2020.
Our current supporters include the International Space University,  Australian Centre of Astrobiology, Institute of Agriculture (University of Sydney)  and University of New South Wales. 
Mission 1: HUMMUS1

GOAL: TTo be able to establish the effects of vibrations, g forces and launching conditions that occur on nitrogen fixing bacteria cultures in different growth medium states.


Mission 2: HUMMUS2

GOAL: To be able to monitor the germination and growth of seedlings of chickpeas in a 1U cube on the ISS.


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22nd May 2019

Arrival of Satellite to SAAS Missions!

This satellite which has already been put on the International Space Station by the International Space University is now ready for its make over  to carry our biological experiment for HUMMUS2!

19th April 2019

Australian University Rocketry Competition

Successful Launch completed, congratulations to all the team and we cannot wait to see the results for HUMMUS1!

IMG_7025 2.JPG