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Red clover

outreach and education (2021 - Present)


This mission is centred around high school student outreach and education in space science with partnerships with Fizzics Education in Australia and in the USA. Our team at SAAS Missions aim to run education workshops with students participating with the upcoming ExoLab-9 launch.  This will provide high school students with the opportunity to conduct research in space and. SAAS Missions missions will help teach students how to conduct scientific analysis on Earth.

The ExoLab-9 experiment ran by will launch to the International Space Station inAugust 2021 with a red clover legume plant payload and students from participating schools will do ground experiments. They have been given plants of the same species as the one in space to grow and monitor.

​If you are a high school student interested in participating in this experiment or your school is interested, please feel free to reach out and we can get you involved!

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